Alfalfa Hay Delivery in Larned, KS

Looking for a premier supplier of nutritious alfalfa hay for your horse? Need to beef up the nutritional content of your forage options, to keep your milk cows healthy and strong? If you’re buying alfalfa hay, contact David Woods Hay Service today to learn more about our long history of selling alfalfa hay to ranchers, farmers and equestrians across the country. From our land in Larned, KS, we provide superior forage and seed to customers who want the best for their animals.

Selling Alfalfa Hay

We’re an established grower that has supplied nutritious forage to customers across the country. Inquire about the number of bales you need or rough quantities and we’ll provide you with competitive pricing to ensure your animals get what they need. We’re also happy to provide nutrient profiles for our alfalfa, so you know the rough nutrient breakdown you’re feeding to your animals.

Alfalfa Hay Delivery

While we offer pickup of alfalfa bales from our farm in Larned, KS, we also ship nationwide and can work with you to determine the logistics of delivery. We’ve worked with customers as far as both coasts and can orchestrate alfalfa hay delivery that’s timely, with hay that’s in superior condition.

Alfalfa Seed Distribution

Looking to cultivate your own alfalfa crop? We supply interested customers with seeds, so they can raise high-quality forage on their lands. If you’re interested in obtaining alfalfa seed or speaking with an alfalfa seed distribution specialist, please don’t hesitate to contact us today to discuss seed supply options.

Quality Alfalfa Hay

David Woods Hay Service is proud to be a nationally recognized grower, and a trusted forage partner for operations in nearby Larned, Belpre, Burdett, and Pawnee Rock, KS. Contact us today at 620-285-5030 for more information about our alfalfa or to inquire about bulk quantities, pricing and delivery logistics. If you’re buying grass hay or alfalfa hay, we also offer local pickup.