How Much Does a Bale of Hay Weigh?

Bale Of Hay Weigh

“How much does a bale of hay weigh?” may seem like an innocent question to most. After all, how much variation could there be? Don’t most bales of hay come in around the same weight? While the answers might seem simple to most, there is more variation here than many would expect, and David Woods […]

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10 Things to Consider Before Buying Alfalfa Hay

Alfalfa Hay 00

Alfalfa hay is known as the “queen of forages” because it is the most nutrient-rich hay available. It is higher in protein, calcium, and vitamins than other types of hay, making it an ideal choice for horses, cattle, and other livestock. If you’re considering using alfalfa hay for your farm animals, there are a few […]

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Alfalfa vs. Clover Hay: Everything You Need to Know

Alfalfa Vs. Clover Hay

Hay is the common food for cattle, sheep, goats, and horses when pastures are scanty. Although all hay is not the same, it differs in quality, availability, and variety. Let David Woods Hay Service help you distinguish those differences! When buying alfalfa hay, it is essential to inquire whether the hay is first, second or […]

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Peanut Hay vs. Alfalfa Hay: What is the Difference?

Hay Vs Hay

When choosing the right feed for your horse, a little research can go a long way. Most people simply think that a horse eats grass. Although this is true, a dedicated horse owner knows that not all grass or hay is created equal. Each type of grass has a different make up of vitamins and […]

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How Much Alfalfa Hay is It Safe to Feed a Horse?


Choosing the right diet for your horse is a big concern and a big part of your animal care budget. You want to choose wisely to ensure that your animal is healthy and that you are running a sustainable horse care budget as well. This short guide will help you better understand how much alfalfa […]

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