Grass Hay Delivery in Larned, KS

Whether as a standalone feed or a filler feed, grass hay is a staple for ranchers and equestrians. To get your animal the best protein and starches, you need the best grass hay. David Woods Hay Service is proud to provide our customers with the very best in grass forage, cultivated right here in Larned, KS. We’ve been a reputable grass hay grower for more than four decades, taking care to cultivate crops that are healthy, nutritious and sustainable.

Selling Grass Hay

Looking for a grass hay provider you can count on for quality filler forage? We sell high-quality grass hay to customers, coast to coast. Whether you need bales for your stabled animals during the winter or are line feeding new calves, we’re standing by to ship bales to your location. Customers from every state come to us because they know they’re getting grass hay of the highest caliber.

Grass Hay Delivery

We offer bale pickup options for customers in and around Larned, KS, and can orchestrate grass hay delivery for customers across the country. We’re a seasoned supplier who understands the importance of logistics—including getting bales to you that are in good condition, free of mold or mildew. Trust us for quality: from the product to the logistics that get it to you.

Quality Grass Hay

If you’re looking for quality grass hay to feed to your horses, cows or other grazing animals, count on David Woods Hay Service to provide it to you. Reach us today at 620-285-5030 for more information about our hay content and quality, and to arrange for pickup in Larned, KS or delivery nationwide. Pricing and quantities are available by request.