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How to Improve Your Horse’s Health

A horse’s health depends on several factors, but proper nutrition is one of the most important. A horse’s diet should consist of hay, grain, and a variety of other fresh foods. If you care for or own horses, use these ten tips for improving your horse’s nutrition. Use Quality Hay One of the best things […]

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7 Nutritional Requirements for Horses

Horses are powerful animals that have unique nutritional requirements. While all horses require six main classes of nutrients, the amounts of each nutrient will vary based on the horse’s age, activity level, and health status. David Woods Hay Service can help! You should work with a veterinarian or equine nutritionist to develop a diet that […]

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How Much Alfalfa Hay is It Safe to Feed a Horse?

Choosing the right diet for your horse is a big concern and a big part of your animal care budget. You want to choose wisely to ensure that your animal is healthy and that you are running a sustainable horse care budget as well. This short guide will help you better understand how much alfalfa […]

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