Is Alfalfa Hay Good for Goats?

Feeding Goats Alfalfa Hay

Alfalfa hay is very good for goats, but if they are fed too much of it, it can cause problems. Grass hay, in addition to being good for goats, is also great for horses and sheep. If you feed a mix of both, it is a good idea to make sure that they are not getting too much of one type of hay. This will not only save you money, but it will also help to keep your goats healthier. David Woods Hay Service is here to help!

Grass hay

Whether you have goats or are considering having them as pets, hay is a great way to provide a healthy and nutritious diet. However, it is important to buy the best type of hay for your goats.

Grass hay is ideal for both meat and dairy goats. It is high in protein and calcium. You can get this kind of hay from local feed mills.

Alfalfa hay is a popular choice for pregnant and lactating goats. This is because it is packed with vitamins. In addition, you can supplement your goats’ diet with minerals such as salt.

Depending on the area you live in, you may also have the option of using legume hay. Legumes include alfalfa, clover, and soybean. These plants have more protein than grass, making them a good choice.

If you are raising dairy goats, consider feeding them a mix of grass and legume hay. Both types have a nutritional value that can be measured from multiple bales.

Meat goats may also benefit from feeding them a mixture of second cut hay and first cut hay. The reason is that a combination of the two is easier to digest.

The most important thing to remember is to make sure you purchase quality hay from a reputable farmer. Also, make sure that the hay is stored properly. For example, it should be dry, out of the rain, and kept in a barn.

Black oil sunflower seeds

Black oil sunflower seeds are a good source of protein and iron. They are also high in selenium and zinc. These vitamins are important for your goat’s reproductive health.

There are many other benefits to feeding your goats sunflower seeds. Some of these include a shinier coat, better feathers, and a higher butterfat content in your goat’s milk. Adding sunflowers to your goat’s diet is an easy way to increase the nutrients in your meat.

Another benefit of sunflowers is that they are easy to digest. However, this is only true if your goat’s digestive system is healthy. If your goat has a problem with digestion, they may experience diarrhea after eating sunflowers.

Goats need plenty of nutrients. These include calcium, zinc, iron, and potassium. Your goat needs a slew of vitamins and minerals to thrive.

The best way to provide them with these minerals is by adding loose minerals to their feed. Loose mineral blocks and pellets are two products that can help your goats get the minerals they need.

You can also supplement their ration with a BOSS supplement. This is a high-quality grain-based product that can improve their coat, reduce bloating, and add extra vitamins. A cup of this is an easy addition to their ration and will help your goats stay healthier.

Too much alfalfa

If you are feeding your goats with a weekly alfalfa hay delivery, you should be aware of the dangers of feeding too much of it. This can cause digestive problems and can even kill them.

Alfalfa is a high-protein feed that is popular among many goat farmers. However, it is important to keep in mind that it is also a very high-calcium hay.

The amount of calcium varies between different types of hay. It is best to introduce alfalfa slowly. You can get it in pellet form or in flakes.

Changing the diet of your goats should be gradual. When you change the diet, the pH balance changes in the rumen. If you switch from grass hay to alfalfa, you should mix both types of hays.

In addition to alfalfa, your goats should have access to clean water. If they do not, they will develop urinary calculi.

Aside from the risk of causing urinary calculi, alfalfa can also aggravate enterotoxemia. Enterotoxemia is caused by a buildup of enterotoxins in the intestines of a goat.

Goats need a balance of protein and roughage in their diet. They can be fed grains and legumes to supplement their diet.

If you are unsure which hay is right for your goats, you can always go to a forage testing lab. Forage tests are available to determine which hays are high in nutrients and low in nutrients.

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